Look a New Day Has Begun...

The curtain closed on GEEK!, the first performance of our 2018-2019 season, with great Statesmen enthusiasm. Brightly colored sets, characters, and even costumed boosters, celebrated a terrific production. Special thanks to the Marshall teachers and administrators who GEEK!'d out with us after a quick meal on opening night.

New Director Bernie DeLeo energetically reminded everyone to get ready...BE MORE CHILL is right on GEEKs! heels. BMC, the musical will run 11/29-12/1 and 12/6-12/8 with shows at 7:30 pm. This mid-year musical usually performed as "black box musical" has been moved center stage to take place in our auditorium. Given the viral success of this off-Broadway phenomenon, the Statesmen are fortunate to premiere this show to the DC area before it opens on Broadway in February 2019. Be sure to stay tuned - tickets to go on sale shortly.

Congrats to Bernie DeLeo, Cast, Crew, Boosters and everyone who came out for GEEK! See you ALL at BMC in a few short weeks.

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