Opening Night BE MORE CHILL!

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

The laughs, applause and energy at Marshall High School's Theatre on Thursday, November 29, 2018 left everyone involved with MORE CHILLS. This viral sensation has only been performed off Broadway and is, therefore, a unique opportunity for The Statesmen. Given that the fans made it popular from the soundtrack's release, it became available for licensing BEFORE its Broadway opening which will take place in February of 2019. BE MORE CHILL is getting tremendous buzz due to its hilarious, universally appealing story and soundtrack. When it opens on Broadway it will star Will Roland, straight from the original cast of 'Dear Evan Hansen'.

The Statesmen present this musical story of Jeremy and his high school classmates trying to navigate high school social hierarchy with smart phones, social media and gossiping but it is utterly transformed with the introduction of the unique "Squip". This Squip, a pill once swallowed, becomes a voice in your head "helping"...or maybe not. The Squip, played by Will Blackwell, takes the general form of Keanu Reeves (think Matrix) one of Jeremy's personal icons.

Who would your Squip be? Come to the show ready to add your Squip to our lobby "SQUIP BOARD".

The show runs 11/29 - 12-1 and 12/6-12/8. Please note the show contains mature content and explicit language and is recommended for audiences 14 and over.

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