NOTE CHANGE-Virginia High School League Theater Competition January 18 & 19 at Marshall High School

Hey Statesmen Theatre fans - VHSL is here! We invite you to come see Marshall's 2019 entry for the Virginia High School League, a new play written & directed by our theatre director Mr. DeLeo. "Someone Save My Life Tonight" is an updated riff on "It's a Wonderful Life" as a modern teen contemplates taking his own life but gets a chance to see various timelines ahead of him if he doesn't. There will be a free preview performance FRIDAY, January 17th @ 7:30 PM in Marshall's auditorium (they need an audience so please come and spread the word!). See it also at this year's VHSL Sectional Round (NEW TIME) @ 1:30 Saturday Jan 19 also at Marshall. You are welcome to come for the whole tournament starting at (NEW TIME) 8 AM! The play runs about 32 minutes and these performances are free! For the Saturday performance, the theater doors are locked as each performance begins so it is imperative you are timely or you will not be allowed to enter. Look forward to seeing you all there!

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