Statesmen Theatre 2021-22 Season placard.jpg

Upcoming Dates:
-> Weds, Sept 22 - 1st Parent Booster Meeting! 

7:30-8:30 PM - Black Box (A101) @ Door 13
All Parents & Students are invited! Come learn about how you can lend your talents to Statesmen Theatre!

Come buy t-shirts, masks & car magnets - all to your your pride for your favorite high school theatre program in the DMV!

2021-22 Season Announcement!

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-> Friday, Sept 24 - Fall Thespians Potluck Party!  6:30 - 8:30 PM in the Senior Courtyard (across from Cafeteria @ Door 13) [weather permitting!]
Especially designed for new students, freshmen AND parents, to meet, eat, dance & make new friends!  Sign up to bring a dish at:

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