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VHSL 2024: It Doesn't End in Nebraska

This year's competition entry was written by junior student Han Nguyen (and was also featured as part of the 2024 Winter One-Act Festival). Based on Han's own real-life events, the play recounts her recovery from a suicide attempt and the mental health struggles she faced after that. Han played herself, and the play was directed by Mr. DeLeo. As the play featured classical music, Mr. DeLeo approached the Orchestra Department for student recommendations; students Hayven Marin co-composed the score, and other students recorded the original music which is featured throughout the play. Mr. DeLeo also tapped Vato Tsikurishvili (of Synetic Theatre) to add some physical movement to the play. Han's work scored unanimous #1 rankings from the judges for play and for Han as Best Actress. Sharon Cho was also named to the All-Star Cast!  The play went on to the Regional Round on Weds, Feb. 7.

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