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WORKING: A Filmed Musical (Spring 2021)

During that horrible online COVID year, we did something really cool - we filmed a musical! We picked WORKING, made up of mostly solo songs and small vignettes & monologues - and got permission so shoot unmasked on the stage with our techs 25' away. Mrs. Pierson got kids to record tracks and they lip-synced to their own voices! Luke Batarseh shot and edited the show (aided by Benjamin Campagnolo on camera with Aysha Berry & Abby Brunner as amazing production managers) and somehow we made it work! We had a film premiere at school in masks and it was an incredible experience. Here are pictures from the shoot and screenshots from the film. Another amazing pivot during an insanely challenging year.

Click on the side arrows inside image to move forward and back; click ON the photo to blow them up to their actual size.

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