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machinal (a rADIO PLAY): WINTER 2021

Another cool project from that awful online year: a radio play. Mr. DeLeo chose the 1920s classic expressionist play Machinal - about a young woman trapped in an oppressive system and crushed by it as the script lent itself to an incredible sound scape.  Rehearsals were held on Zoom with cameras off, and voices only, really taxing the actors - and sound editors!  Recorded by each actor then cobbled together by a number of editors adding royalty-free period music and sound effects, Machinal was dropped as a podcast in 3 episodes following the plays 3 acts. It is stil available to listen to on our Shows Page and Statesmen Theatre YouTube page. And while there are not pictures for a radio play, here are the headshots of the actors involved, their style matching the play's bleak outlook.

Machinal slide.jpg
Sophie Page
Vivienne Lewis
Joseph Long
Katie Holly
Sylvie Vanstory
Ryan Casey
Becker Spear
River Hosinski
Luke Batarseh
Ben Campagnuolo
Lia Davila
Sophia Welch
Rayan Afif
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